winged eyeliner for beginners

How To Do Winged Eyeliner For Beginners

How To Do Winged Eyeliner For Beginners

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Winged eyeliner is the complete look of the makeup game. It looks extremely hot and enhances every kind of look. With winged liner being the most common and super hottest trend, you cannot let your hands bound to far from doing this feat. Follow our given below step-by-step instructional exercise to make elegant eyes and wings that are sufficiently sharp to kill.

winged eyeliner steps

Do well the appearance of perfect eyeliner is something that takes practice, but it does not impossible to draw perfect eyeliner. This model eye makeup look is a basic, and this trending eye makeup never out-date any time. So everyone focuses on making the perfect best wing, why not use tools that will assist you with finishing eyeliner and all the more proficiently? With these top item picks and tips, you will be eyeliner master!

There are some easier steps and methods to draw perfect eyeliner for the beginner

1-  How to use Angled Eyeliner Brush to create Winged Eyeliner

This method is specially designed to help you draw perfect eyeliner and not faces any troubles. Truly, it does not get any simpler than this. You can also use a wet brush to make a perfect line for a super neat result.

How to use Angled Eyeliner Brush

  • Dip the angled brush in your eyeliner pot and placed it on the external edge of your eye making an angle with your eyelid
  • Place the same brush over the line you just apply a reversed style to make the upper bend of your wing
  • Fill in the clear space between the lines with your eyeliner brush and stretch out the liner to the inward corner as you normally do.

The benefit of Cosmetics Roller Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Using a liquid eyeliner that smooth and easy to draw and will long-lasting in the whole day when making winged eyeliner complete makeup looks, and you have to utilize something that you feel great comfortable applying.

Cosmetics Roller Liner Liquid Eyeliner

The great idea to make a winged liner is to really look in the mirror with your eyes open, and draw the wing on the external corners first to ensure that any way of what your eye shape is, you can see the wing when your eyes are open. Many people apply fluid eyeliner with their closed eyes, just to open them and understand the wing is just clear neat. With this trick and tutorial, you are ready to make the ideal wing every single time that compliments your actual eye shape.

2-  How to use tape to draw a perfect Winged Eyeliner

Your scotch tape is additionally helping you to draw perfect winged eyeliners. A small piece of tape helps you to make super-hot perfect angled eyeliner.

use tape to draw a perfect Winged Eyeliner

  • Cut a tape estimating around 2 cm and stick along the external edge of your eyes to a point you would need your wings to be.
  • Trace along the angled edge with your eyeliner to draw the wing using the direction of the tape.
  • Finish off by covering the line along your upper lash line.

Best Revlon Color stay Skinny Liquid Liner in Black Out

Revlon Color stay Skinny Liquid Liner

In case you are feeling nervous from your morning coffee, this liner probably will not be your most logical option the brush-like tip is super trim and does not have an amazing justifiable quality of its thicker partners. Overall, if you have much time to ready, it is extraordinary for squeezing in the safest of lines along the lashes.

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